Frequently asked questions

What is a rework?

Reworks are a one of a kind garment, hand-made by us. Reworked items are garments that we've up-cycled from a piece of clothing or fabric that would otherwise no longer be used. This means we cut something up and turned it into something new! We use exclusively secondhand material to make our reworked pieces so it's very unlikely we will ever find the same material to make the item again. If you're able to get your hands on one of our reworked pieces you can enjoy the fact that not only are you the only person in the world with that garment but you also saved all the textiles used to make that garment from ending up in a landfill!

What does "In House" mean?

It means we make everything ourselves! Nothing is outsourced for manufacturing or printing. Each and every item available at trashgirl is made by hand, always. All items are created at my apartment in Minneapolis, MN. 

My favorite item isn't available, how do I know when it's going to restock?

Most things we don't restock, a lot of our items are reworks so only one of that item was made. When something is sold out we are no longer making more of that item... but sometimes we like to bring back your favorite print that you weren't able to get your hands on before and give that chance again! Reruns are very limited so be sure to keep up with us on social media to know if we are rereleasing a design! 

How do you determine prices?

We determine our pricing based on various things, we start with determining the price of materials to make the garment and cost of labor for ourselves so we know we are being compensated for our hard work! But that's not everything that goes into pricing our items - we also take into account what it takes to run our website, customer service and so much more! There's a lot that goes into our pricing but we do our best to keep all of our items as affordable and accessible as possible.