About us, ethics, and sustainability

Trashgirl is a woman owned alternative clothing brand based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Trashgirl started at some point in the midst of the pandemic by a 16 year old tired of seeing "punk" fast fashion hauls. All items are inspired by the alternative fashion culture, you can find influence from many different alternative sub-genres in our work. Each garment is hand-made with high quality, ethically made material, no exceptions.

Our mission 

Our mission is to create sick ass clothing that not only looks good but also does good. We're committed to using eco-friendly materials and prioritize ethical production practices and work with factories that have fair labor practices and safe working conditions. Our goal is to inspire others just like you to make more conscious fashion choices and to show that sustainable clothing can also be cool and alternative.

Sustainability + Ethical Labor

Trashgirl is devoted to sustainable fashion. Every single garment is made from eco-friendly material. For our reworked garments each part is made from recycled material - whether that be scrap fabric, old clothing or ready to be discarded material we guarantee the material used to make your garment is recycled.
All of our screen print designs are printed on locally sourced secondhand blanks or blanks through Bella Canvas. Bella Canvas is FLA and WRAP certified, meaning that every employee involved in making the garment was paid fairly in safe working conditions. 
All jewelry is exclusively made using  recycled stainless steel from FLA certified manufacturers. 
All of our items are made to order, we do this to help minimize textile waste. We only make these items once the order is placed, that way we never have to worry about over production. We are always looking for ways to better ourselves and our planet. If you have any comments or tips to help us become more sustainable, please reach out to us. 
While all of our items are made sustainably you can probably guess it's made ethically too. Being an ethical brand is just as important to us and being sustainable. When shopping with us you never have to worry about how and where your items are made, if they're not handmade by us, right here in Minneapolis they are made by only certified manufacturers. If you have any questions or concerns about suppliers for any garments please reach out to us, we are happy to answer. 


with love, ky  


Photo by Yowzer Visual Media.